CES 2021: BIWIN Launches New Biwintech Brand of Storage Products

BIWINtech launch

Storage product manufacturer BIWIN used CES 2021 to announce that it is launching a new performance-based memory and SSD brand – Biwintech. It is launching with a product family containing memory modules, internal and portable SSDs, and flash cards.

Biwintech Launches With Family of Storage Products

The full Biwintech product family is:

  • Memory Modules (UDIMM, SODIMM)
  • Internal SATA SSD
  • Internal M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Portable SSD
  • Flash-Cards (SD Card, CFast Card, CFexpress Card)

The M.2 series and SATA solid state drives will cover products with (SX/NX700) and without DRAM cache (SX/NX500), the company said. They will be available with capacities from 256 GB up to 4 TB. The portable EP500 SSD is designed to be a cost-effective product, while the  EP700 is performance optimized EP700. Both come with capacities from 128 GB up to 1 TB. At a press briefing connected to CES,  executive Bob Snyder indicated that users can look forward to a 2TB SSD in the not too distant future.

Director Will Lin commented:

We are technology enthusiasts as well as DIY specialists, therefore we want to make products we are proud of that we use in our daily lives. With Biwintech I firmly believe we have hit the mark.

New European HQ and China Campus

While a promised announcement with a “top global ICT brand” did not happen during CES in the end, BIWIN did announce that it was opening a European headquarter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Furthermore, it is opening the BIWIN Huizhou Science and Technology Campus. Production is set to begin in 2021, providing over 110,000 m² of production lines for chip manufacturing and the production of memory modules, memory cards, and SSDs.

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