Chrome Users on iOS Can Directly Save Files To Google Drive or Photos From the Web

Google Chrome for iOS Will Soon Bring Circle to Search

Have you ever came across a file or a photo on the internet which feels like it belongs to be saved with you only to find out your phone is full on memory, but if you don’t save that file in that moment, it’ll be a distant memory not to be seen again, maybe because you’ll forget about it or it’ll dissapperar from the internet? Well, Chrome 124 on iOS might be beonging something handy for you.

Chrome version 124 brings a much-needed feature: direct saving to your Google Drive and Photos accounts. This update allows users to save files, documents, and images seen while browsing the web easily, directly to their Google accounts’ Google Photos or Drive, as per the file. Previously, the process involved downloading the content to the device’s storage and then manually uploading it to the cloud. This comes after it was seen that Google Chrome for iPad will soon let users group multiple tabs.

The ability to directly save to Google Drive is beneficial for those who frequently download documents, PDFs, or presentations while browsing. With a single tap (assuming it’s more of a hold than a tap), these files can be saved to the desired folder within their Drive.

Similarly, saving images directly to Google Photos eliminates the need to first download them to the phone’s camera roll, then manually upload them to the photo storage service.

Have multiple Google accounts logged in? Chrome offers the flexibility to choose the specific Google account where the content is saved for users who might have multiple Google accounts for personal and professional purposes.

This was first seen by one of our team members. I don’t know about other things, but it definitely streamlines your workflow and makes managing your online content a breeze. No more juggling downloads and uploads – just find, save, and you’re done.

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