Google One VPN Service To Discontinue for Apple Users Later This Year

Apple users with Google One subscriptions are in for a change. Google has begun notifying subscribers that the complimentary VPN service offered through Google One will be discontinued later in 2024. This means users who rely on Google One for secure browsing on their iPhones, iPads, and Macs will need to find alternative solutions. It was seen on X.

The Google One VPN service launched in 2020 as part of the cloud storage subscription plans. Initially, it was only accessible with the higher-tier plans offering 2TB of storage or more. However, in March 2023, Google expanded access to include all Google One plans. This comes after Google announced they will soon bring Magic Editor to iPhones & iPads.

While the specific date for the shutdown remains undisclosed, Google cites low usage as the reason for discontinuing the VPN feature. This allows them to refocus resources on “more in-demand features with Google One,” according to a statement from the company to 9to5Google.

Google is now “discontinuing the VPN feature as [they] found people simply weren’t using it.”

However, Google VPN is a bit different from other VPN providers. While other VPN providers allow you to choose the region, Google VPN assigns you an IP address based on your current region. But that’s not why Google VPN exists, it’s main purpose is to hide your IP. Websites can’t use this IP address to determine your precise location.

For Pixel users (Pixel 7 and later), there’s a slight reprieve. Google will continue to offer its VPN service directly integrated within the settings app on these devices. This functionality debuted on the Pixel 8 and was recently extended to the Pixel 7 series with the Android 15 Beta 1 update.

The discontinuation of Google One’s VPN service specifically for Apple users highlights the ever-evolving landscape of digital privacy solutions. With a growing number of options available, it’s an opportune moment for Apple users to explore and find the VPN service that best suits their needs.

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