Civilization VI Expansion Pack to Add Climate Change

Civilization VI announced an expansion pack called Gathering Storm. It adds a ton of content to the game, like a Diplomacy victory, new civilizations, and climate change.

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Climate Change

The expansion pack will be released on February 14, 2019 for Windows. There was no mention of a macOS release but that is sure to come eventually. Gathering Storm adds:

  • 7 new World Wonders
  • 8 new civilizations
  • 9 new leaders
  • New units, districts, buildings, improvements, etc.

The expansion pack also “unleashes the forces of nature to bring the world to life in a way that you’ve never seen before.” Floodplains will be more dynamic, like actually flooding your cities. But to counter that you can build a Dam district.

There are also volcanoes, geothermal fissures and storms that will affect your cities. Each force of nature also has a reward though. For example, floods and volcanoes will enrich and improve the tiles they affect.

Along with weather, climate change will be a factor. You’ll use the new Power system to improve your late-game buildings. Resources can be burned for fuel, like coal, uranium, and oil, but they have a negative affect on global CO2 levels and impact the Global Temperature. Thankfully, there are forms of green power resources, like geothermal energy, wind farms, and solar farms.

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