Claris FileMaker Adds New Integrations for Apple, Microsoft

claris filemaker

The latest release from FileMaker adds new low-code integrations for Apple and Microsoft’s platforms. It provides modern deployment options, significant improvements in performance, stability and security, and a next generation no-code app builder.

New Features in FileMaker

Here are some of the new changes:

  • Apple silicon: Claris FileMaker Pro and Claris FileMaker Server are the first low-code universal macOS binaries that ensure optimized performance on Apple silicon computers while still offering amazing speed on Intel-based Mac computers.
  • Quick Start App Building: New in this release, you can create relationships between tables with a simple, quick drag-and-drop, no-code UI. In addition, you can also quickly create one bottom navigation bar that works across your connected layouts – super handy for mobile apps.
  • JavaScript: This feature lets you use readily available third-party JavaScript libraries, or your own custom code, to add advanced user interface elements to apps, such as calendars, charts, and custom controls.
  • Add-Ons: The add-ons feature provides a new way to enhance each custom app with rich functionality, and even better, you can share that functionality with anyone.
  • Claris Connect: New connectors include UPS, Shopify, Smartsheet, and Smart-HR, as well as expanded functionality of several existing connectors.

Other features help apps use artificial intelligence with Core ML (machine learning), for things like image classification and sentiment recognition, Siri Shortcuts for voice-enabled interactions, and NFC reading.

You can download a free 45-day trial of FileMaker here.

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