Coinbase Wallet Now Supports Ledger Crypto Wallets

ledger nano x coinbase

The Coinbase Wallet browser extension now supports Ledger hardware wallets for cryptocurrency. This makes it even easier to manage your coins and NFTs.

Coinbase Plus Ledger

The Coinbase Wallet browser extension now supports Ledger Hardware Wallets. This means you now have an additional layer of security for your crypto, NFTs and more when using your Coinbase Wallet browser extension.

Charles Hamel, VP Product at Ledger, “This new feature gives Coinbase users a world-leading security option and peace of mind when holding their crypto and NFTs.”

Ledger enables you to manage your digital assets from within the security of your Nano hardware wallet and with your digital assets hack-proof. Ledger hardware wallets not only protect your crypto, but also your NFTs. With Ledger, you can grow your NFT collection and lock it down in a hardware wallet.

The two companies are also partnering to release a Coinbase-branded Ledger wallet. The Ledger Nano X Coinbase Edition features the word “Coinbase” on the metal part of the device. It’s a limited edition product.

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