This Smartphone Case Uses NASA-Created Aerogel Insulation

aerogel iPhone case

Cold Case Gear refers to it as a case, but it’s more of a bag you place your iPhone in. Lined with aerogel, a substance pioneered by NASA, the case can protect your phone down to -40° F and up to 120° F. It’s available for US$60.

West Slope Aerogel Case

The West Slope Case will fit all non Plus/Max-sized phones with a case, and Plus/Max size phones without a case. The maximum recommended phone size is 6.5″ long by 4″ wide and .75″ thick.


  • Aerogel Insulation – Aeroshield Thermal Phone Protection
  • Airtight Magnetic Closure
  • Waterproof/Submersible
  • Rugged Waterproof TPU Construction
  • Thermal protection. Physical Protection. Weather protection.
  • 90g
  • Webbing Loops For Easy Attachment To Backpacks, Harnesses, Boats, Etc…

First, we started with aerogel insulation to provide insulation against extreme hot and cold. This aerogel is extremely dense and provides not just insulation but drop protection as well. Next up is an airtight magnetic closure mechanism. This makes operating the West Slope Case extremely easy and it blocks out all air and moisture. The last piece in our thermal phone case is a process called RF, or Radio Frequency welding. This manufacturing process makes for a completely seamless product that is both airtight and waterproof.

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