‘Competitive Fun Going on With Apple’, Says Intel CEO

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Intel’s recently installed CEO Pat Gelsinger indicated that he is looking to build bridges with Apple. It comes in the wake of, amongst other things, Apple using its own chips in some Macs.

Intel Wants Apple to be ‘a Big Foundry Customer’

Speaking to Yahoo Finance Live Mr. Gelisnger said:

So obviously you’ve seen some of the competitive energies [in chipmaking] resume because there’s a lot of great innovation to be done, and we haven’t seen PC demand at this level for a decade and a half. The world needs more of that, and there is competitive fun going on with Apple and the Mac ecosystem.

In this spirit of ‘fun’, the Intel boss, who has been the job a month, said that he “hope[s] to make [Apple] a big foundry customer because today they’re wholly dependent on Taiwan Semiconductor.” He continued:

We want to present great options for them to leverage our foundry services, as well, just like we’re working with Qualcomm and Microsoft to leverage our foundry. We’re going to be delivering great technology, some things that can’t be done anywhere else in the world.

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