Here’s What Stops Working when CrashPlan for Home Shuts Down

CrashPlan for Home service to shut down in October 2018

Yesterday Code42 announced its cloud-based backup service CrashPlan for Home is shutting down in October 2018. If you’ve been paying for the service it’s pretty clear what that means, but what about subscribers on the free tier? Turns out there’s plenty of disappointment for everyone.

CrashPlan for Home service to shut down in October 2018
Here’s what’s gone when CrashPlan for Home shuts down

Code42 said they are “sunsetting” their home user cloud backup service to focus on business customers. They’re adding an extra 60 days to CrashPlan for Home subscriptions to give customers more time to transition into a different CrashPlan service or find an alternative.

If you’re currently using CrashPlan for Home at the free or paid level you’ll lose all the features come next October. Here’s what’s shutting down:

  • Online backups
  • Peer-to-peer backups
  • Local backups

Even if you’re using CrashPlan just to backup files to a hard drive connected directly to your Mac you’ll need to find an alternative solution before next October. That’s because all of the CrashPlan for Home services require an active account—even backups to a local hard drive.

Life After CrashPlan

If you’re on the hunt for a cloud backup replacement for CrashPlan check out the services the TMO team has tried. If you’re looking for local backup options that go beyond Time Machine here are some options:

The important takeaway from yesterday’s CrashPlan announcement is that sometimes even our backup plans need backups. Instead of waiting until next fall to get your new backup plan in place start now. That way you’ll have plenty of time to decide on the right solution for you.

3 thoughts on “Here’s What Stops Working when CrashPlan for Home Shuts Down

    1. From what I understand you’re going to be automatically transitioned into the small business plan for the remainder of your subscription. I’m betting that’s what they’ll confirm when you get a reply from them.

    2. @MachTechFreak: Check the email they sent you. It will have the expiration date of your plan.

      I just renewed my subscription within the last 30 days. I am challenging the charge with my bank. Let’s see how that goes!!

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