Deezer iOS App Gets New ‘In Progress’ Podcast Feature

Deezer in Progress

Deezer launched a new “In Progress” podcast feature on its iOS and web versions on Monday. It puts all unfinished podcast episodes in one place.

Deezer in Progress

Deezer Letting Users Pick-up Where They Left Off

The feature is designed to make it quick and easy for users to carry on where they left off and switch between the shows they’ve started. Frédéric Antelme, Deezer’s VP Content & Productions, commented:

If you’re like me, you turn to podcasts for a little bit of everything. We have a wide range of topics for our listeners. Whether you’re into comedy, wellness, crime, news, or all of the above – it’s natural to jump around between topics and categories. But it can quickly become too much and you forget which episodes you may have started. The ‘In Progress’ podcast feature is for those of us that don’t want to miss any of the episodes of our favorite audio shows.

To use the features in the iOS app, head to the “Favorites” tab. Podcasts are organized from the most recently played to the oldest. Users can also manually reorder podcasts. The feature is available to all users in various countries such as the UK, U.S. and, Australia – including those with free accounts.

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