Nest Introducing Two-Factor Authentication For All Users This Month

Nest Cam by Google

All Nest accounts will have two-factor authentication enabled by the end of May. The smarthome company is introducing the change for those users who have not migrated to a Google account and turned on 2FA themselves.

Nest Cam

Nest Requiring Two-Factor Authentication

In a blog post posted Monday, the Google-owned firm explained:

When a new login is initiated, you’ll receive an email from [email protected] with a six digit verification code to be entered in order to successfully sign in. This code is to verify it is you trying to access your account and without this code, you will not be able to log in.

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The company announced the move towards 2FA earlier in the year. It is part of a bid to improve security for users, given the sensitive nature of the data Nest devices store and previous security issues.

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