‘Defending Jacob’ Becoming Apple TV+’s Breakout Success

Chris Evans in defending Jacob

The Morning Show launched Apple TV+ and is generally recognized as the fledgling service’s most popular show. However, it is the recently released Defending Jacob that could be its breakout success (via Deadline).

Chris Evans in defending Jacob

‘Defending Jacob’ Bringing in Viewers

Sources said that Defending Jacob is in one of the two fastest-growing series premieres on Apple TV+. Not all did the audience grow from an already large point on the first week the show was available, it expanded five times in the first 10 days it was.

Unlike The Morning ShowDefending Jacob is based on an already well-known and popular novel. I’m sure this helps attract viewers. No doubt the fact that people are facing coronavirus lockdowns and are in need of some entertainment helps too. Either way, the show certainly seems to be a breakthrough for Apple TV+, which studies indicate has fewer subscribers than its key rivals. Episode five is available now.

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