Delta to Equip Flight Attendants With iPhone 12 in Bid to Improve Customer Experience

Delta flight attendant

Delta Air Lines has teamed up with Apple and AT&T to give all of its flight attendants an iPhone 12 using 5G, it announced Wednesday. The company said that the move was intended to help boost the customer experience as people return to flying.

Delta Flight Attendants to iPhone 12 With AT&T 5G

Delta employs over 19,000 flight attendants. They will all get an iPhone 12 on AT&Ts 5G network. The device is to be used for tasks such as quickly and accurately assessing in-cabin inventory using AR and the iPhone 12’s camera. Currently, monitoring the catering inventory is a paper-based process. The devices will allow staff to have up-to-the-minute inventory information and locate items without opening a single door – the AR capability and camera will show where an item is stowed. The AR features will also be used to allow flight attendants to take part in immersive training from anywhere so they can better perform tasks such as safety checks and passenger assistance.

Allison Ausband, Senior Vice President – In-Flight Service, Delta Air Lines, commented:

Our flight attendants are the finest professionals taking to the skies day in and day out, so when we were looking for outstanding products that meet the Delta standard, Apple and AT&T were top of mind. This relationship is a step towards the future of a more connected and human onboard experience.

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