Edison Software’s New ‘OnMail’ Service Blocks Email Trackers

OnMail email app

Edison Software, the company behind Edison Mail, has launched a new email app called OnMail. Among other features it automatically blocks email trackers like spy pixels and read receipts.

App Store: OnMail – Fast & Simple Email


OnMail is an email client that works with accounts you already have, like Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, and Yahoo. You can also create a new email account with OnMail. I’ve been beta testing the app for the past couple weeks, and its minimalist design reminds me of the old Inbox by Gmail app, which I loved.

OnMail’s Natural Language search engine will process your entire email history and index it to support the next generation of search. Features like Smart Reply and Suggested Unsubscribe will work across your entire set of accounts based on your full inbox history of old emails brought into your inbox.

Other features include the ability to approve or block email senders before they enter your mailbox, and one-tap unsubscribe and block sender buttons. OnMail is available for users in the company’s paid Personal and Professional plans at OnMail.com.

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