Boomerang Email Client is Now Available for iPad

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

Boomerang, an email extension for Gmail and Outlook that enables its more than 50 million users to email more effectively, announced the launch of its iPad app. Generally regarded as the best tablet for business use, the Boomerang App for iPad provides users with all the features they’ve come to love from Boomerang, but optimized for the iPad’s screen sizes, meaning users can benefit from split pane view and multitasking abilities like Split View and Slide Over. Other features include Inbox Pause, Read Receipts, Block Tracking Pixels, Take Action from Email Notifications, Brief Me, AI Voice Assistant, Remind Me, Follow Up, Send Later, and more. App Store: Boomerang – Free

Outlook for Mac: Configuring (and Disabling!) Swipes

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

There’s something Microsoft Outlook does better than Apple Mail (gasp!): It’ll allow you to customize and disable swipes on messages to archive them, delete them, flag them, and so on. In today’s Quick Tip, we’ll tell you how! And we may end up having to apologize to Apple for giving them a hard time.

macOS Mail: Making a "Not Replied To" Smart Mailbox

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

This Quick Tip is about a special feature of Mail’s smart mailboxes that’ll let you view only messages you haven’t replied to—great for making sure you aren’t missing anything! Melissa Holt’s gonna give us the details in this article.