Encrypted Email Service ‘Tutanota’ Desktop Apps Exit Beta

Tutanota desktop apps exit beta

Tutanota is an end-to-end encrypted email service and its desktop clients exit beta after two-and-a-half years. These clients are for macOS, Linux, and Windows. Emails with Tutanota can be “standard emails” – only protected with TLS encryption – or end-to-end encrypted emails.

You can install the desktop apps here.

Tutanota Desktop Apps

The apps offer more advanced features than what the web client offers, such as:

  • Opening files
  • Sending notifications for new emails and calendar reminders
  • Using the system secret storage
  • Spelling checker for multiple languages
  • Setting Tutanota as default mail handler
  • Automatic signature check upon client updates for best security
  • Installation policy for business use

Before exiting beta the company performed a security review in which no major issues were found.

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