Developers Love The App Store Small Business Program. No Really, Says Apple.

Developers have been paid more than $70 billion since Apple's App Store launched in 2008

Apple shared a load of praise for it’s recently launched App Store Small Business Program on Tuesday. There were various quotes from smaller firms and indie developers.

Apple Shares Praise For App Store Small Business Program

Here’s the kind of thing – Matt Hutton, founder and creative director, Little 10 Robot, maker of Tots Letters and Numbers:

This will put some extra wind in our sails for sure. Making apps is a joy for me. The App Store alone makes that possible. Thanks to the team at Apple.

J Aguhob, co-founder and CEO, The Ok Company, maker of OK Play:

Amazing! It’s so timely as it is allowing us to further promote our discounted annual plan over the holidays to Feb 1.

Christian Selig, independent developer, maker of Apollo for Reddit

This made my morning. This will legitimately help so much. It’ll make decisions like hiring on extra help, or acquiring better gear, going to conferences, doing more advertising, etc., much easier to justify, and it really means a lot to me that Apple is doing such an awesome thing! It’s going to help my business a ton.

Expecting Better From Apple

There are a host of others. I have no objection to any of these devs and companies taking part in this PR exercise. Why shouldn’t they promote their product? I also have no doubt that there are plenty of other developers who will benefit from the App Store Small Business program. However, the App Store Small Business Program has very much not been met with universal praise.

Indeed, there is something about Apple putting out this kind of PR that I really do not like. As one TMO colleague put it, it’s all a bit “‘Milk is good for you’ say dairy farmers.’  I always hope for a bit better from a company of Apple’s stature.

One thought on “Developers Love The App Store Small Business Program. No Really, Says Apple.

  • Wow, people complaining that apple doesn’t give away their store to them for free. In fact, I bet if it were free, they’d demand Apple pay them because they are the prettiest flowers in the garden. Seriously, their moms told them when they got their participation trophies.

    How about if you dont like it. Eat it and die. Or better yet, go to Android and enjoy the swill.

    Maybe next we could do a piece on all the people that aren’t happy with apple prices for their phones and goods. Maybe Apple should pay them too for taking on the burden of using apple devices.

    Maybe after that we can discuss, how can apple best work for you, and just you, because you (you being anyone one feeling like they are the prettiest flower in their mom’s garden) are just that special. That apple should be bending over backwards to service you.

    Then we can start lining up all the other companies on earth that OWE the people that feel most entitled to others’ work product.

    But of course, when we talk about the developers themselves and all the other prettiest mommys’ babies, when it’s their work, well then.. thats completely different. You OWE THEM.

    Because when it’s your time, energy, money, then it’s completely different.

    How about this. Everyone that isn’t thrilled, go get bent and **** yourselves.

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