‘Dickinson’ Showrunner Gives Insight into the Apple TV+ Cult Hit

Hailee Steinfeld as Dickinson

Dickinson was the surprise hit of the first batch of Apple TV+ shows when the service first launched in November 2019. It will be the first series to return as well, as season two premieres on January 8. Delay productions to other shows notwithstanding, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised Apple has given it such prominence. According to Vanity Fairthe show was pitched on a Friday in 2017 and picked it up for a full season on Monday.

Dickinson Brings First Time Showrunner and Star to Apple TV+

Even more remarkable was that Dickinson creator Alena Smith was serving as showrunner for the first time. Star Hailee Steinfeld had never been the lead in a TV show before either. Many of us have noticed the clever way that show drifts between the old on the new. According to the feature, the use of contemporary music was part of the pitch – something that obviously suited Apple. Interestingly, Ms. Smith was sent “Bury a Friend” to be considered during season one.  “I’d never heard of her,” she admitted. “Hailee knew who she was, of course.” It all goes towards emphasizing that Emily Dickinson was ahead of her time. “She clearly did not fit into her own time,” said Ms. Smith. “I am writing about what it feels like to be alive now,” she added.

Season two apparently has a technological theme. It will look at how the arrival of a daily newspaper disrupts the Dickinson family’s life. After that… we can look forward to season three.

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