The $1000 Pro Stand for Apple’s new display continues to generate a mac-pros-1000-monitor-stand-is-ridiculous/">backlash. Australian IT manufacturer MSI got in on the act Thursday, mocking the product on Twitter.

Pro stand mock advert

‘I’m A Mac, and this is a PC.’

The company tweeted: “I’m a Mac, and this is a PC.” It posted a picture of the $999 Pro Stand next to an image of one of its 34-inch 5K displayed, priced at $1299. The caption next to the Apple Pro Stand said: “No 5k. No Screen. No Colour Gamut. It’s just a stand.”

Lots of people responded to the tweet with similarly mocking comments. There were though those who noted that top-end displays for animators and other professionals can be even higher than what Apple is asking for – $5999 + $999. Whatever the reality, the product’s cost and the subsequent backlash has seemingly taken a little of the shine of WWDC.

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Hahahah. But the stand supports 6K!