Dreame Shows Off Its Robotic Vacuum GOAT of Avoidance at CES 2022

Robotic Vacuum GOAT of Avoidance

Dreame Technology, a maker of high-end cleaning appliances, is at CES demonstrating some of its most innovative products. Among them is what Dreame calls “the GOAT of Avoidance,” the Dreame Bot L10 Pro. We’ve written before about our love for anything that helps automate our cleaning. This robotic vacuum and mop revolutionizes how people can automate their housework.

Forget Cleaning Up Before Cleaning with the Robotic Vacuum GOAT of Avoidance

With so many robot vacuums, you have to clean before you clean. Slippers, the kids’ toys, those socks you forgot to throw in the laundry hamper — they all represent obstacles that could stop your robot vacuum in its tracks. Before the L10 Pro, anyways.

Dreame’s L10 Pro rebuilds its 3D map each time it cleans, so you don’t have to pick up everything from the floor Bessie vacuuming. The robotic vacuum scans up to 26 feet ahead, allowing it to develop the best possible path to clean your home. Using two lasers in combination with LiDAR navigation, it almost immediately identifies furniture and pets, changing paths to avoid these obstacles. That’s why the company can call it the GOAT of Avoidance.

Multiple Ways to Clean

For homes with multiple surface coverings, the L10 Pro detect what kind of flooring it’s on and automatically adjusts the height of its wheels and brush for optimal suction. Since its brushless motor provides up to 4,000Pa of suction, there’s precious little it can’t clean.

Robotic Vacuum GOAT of Avoidance

The cleaning isn’t limited to vacuuming, either. This robotic vacuum doubles as a mop, able to wet clean just over 2,000 square feet on a single tank of water. Dreame does not recommend using any cleaning solutions in the water tank, though, so don’t expect it to completely replace your kitchen mop.

The company is also showing the L10 Pro’s less expensive sibling, the D9 Robot Vacuum and Mop. This bot offers almost the same functionality, but with slightly less suction power. Even so, the D9 is Dreame’s best-selling product on Amazon.

If you’re at CES, you’ll find Dreame at booth #51152, in Tech West Venetian Expo, Level 2. The Dreame Bot L10 Pro is available from Amazon for US$489.99, while the D9 starts at US$319.99.

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