ESPN Shows iPhone 7 Plus Photo Quality with US Open Tennis Shots

iPhone 7 Plus camera sample from ESPN

Apple put the iPhone 7 Plus in the hands of pro photographers ahead of its big reveal last week, and now we get to see even more shots because ESPN has snapping pics with one at the US Open Tennis Championships. Landon Nordeman used an iPhone 7 Plus in lieu of his DSLR setup, and the shots he got were pretty amazing.

iPhone 7 Plus camera sample from ESPN
Landon Nordeman’s shots for ESPN show off the iPhone 7 Plus’s new cameras

Mr. Nordeman said the iPhone 7 let him experience the event in a more intimate way, and react more quickly to capture personal shots. The phone’s new cameras handled autofocus and auto exposure “exceedingly well” in a wide range of lighting conditions, too.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at a special media event on September 7th. The new models sport A10X quad-core processors, wider color gamut displays, more storage, and improved 12 megapixel cameras. The iPhone 7 Plus includes dual rear-facing cameras—wide angle and 2x telephoto—that can be used together to simulate shallow focus bokeh-style photos.

Preorder sales for the new models started last Friday, September 9th, and will be in stores and in customer’s hands this Friday, September 16th.

The Mr. Nordeman took for ESPN are impressive, which is no surprise since he’s a professional photographer. The bigger point is that he showed what Apple’s new iPhone camera system is capable of, and demonstrate exactly why so many people don’t need point-and-shoot or DSLR cameras any more.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available this Friday, and TMO’s review will follow once we get them in our hands.

One thought on “ESPN Shows iPhone 7 Plus Photo Quality with US Open Tennis Shots

  • They are beautiful shots. 🙂 Though I would hardly sound the death knell for DSLRs (that technology also continues to improve and evolve, and there are plenty of reasons its preferable in a great many situations), the point and shoot digital camera is probably giving its last gasp right about now. The new iPhone cams are also probably the only commercial application of machine learning that is actually useful I’ve thus far seen.

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