EU Lawmakers Push For Common Mobile Charger

Apple in the European Union

Members of the European Parliament on Thursday voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution calling for a common charger standard in Europe (via Reuters). The lawmakers very clearly had Apple in their sights when making the decision.

Apple in the European Union

Apple Opposes EU Calls For Standard Charger

The resolution passed 582-40. It urged the EU’s making body, the European Commission to introduce new laws for standard chargers by July 2020. It noted that while voluntary agreements within the tech industry had in fact reduced the number of charger types, there was still no one common standard. Apple has opposed calls for a common charger in Europe.

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Just another example of lawmakers trying to justify their existence by meddling in what they don’t understand.. Delighted to have escaped the clutches of the unwashed, unelected overpaid mandarins.


So politicians just held smartphones back by mandating physical connections?


Not even certain there will be any connectors in the near future. Maybe everything just becomes wireless doing a complete end around of all of the regulation. Or will they mandate that there must be a connector?


Nope, if the EU mandates a physical connector for charging it will be around, for EU models, until the law is changed.


So whatever the idiots come up with as a “standard” Apple simply makes an adapter to convert to Lighting. Mic drop.

Lee Dronick

RS 232 to Lightning 😀


As Apple has USB’s on iPads where is the logic to stick with Lightning on iPhones? Just don’t tell me that Lightning is a Great American Connector!