EU Lays Out New Regulations for Big Tech

European Union flag

On Tuesday, the EU laid out its plans to try and rein in the power of big tech firms. They include annual checks on how these firms, including Apple, are tackling illegal and harmful content, BBC News reported.

New EU Tech Regulations

Non-compliance could result in a large fine – up to 10 percent of European turnover. Meanwhile, those who are deemed “recurrent infringers” could be broken up “where no other equally effective alternative measure is available to ensure compliance.”

Elsewhere, the legislation says that online platforms must prioritize complaints by so-called “trusted flaggers,” who are known to have highlighted legitimate problems in the past. Furthermore, online stores must be able to trace those selling goods in a bid to stop counterfeit and illegal goods. The rules¬†“will require online marketplaces to check their sellers’ identity before they are allowed on the platform, which will make it so much more difficult for dodgy traders to do their business,” said ¬†Commissioner Thierry Breton.

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