Facebook Aims to Tackle Sensational Health Claims

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Facebook vowed to tackle “sensational health claims” Monday. It said it will lower Posts that made exaggerated and sensationalized health claims in the News Feed. It added it will do the same for Posts that attempt to sell products based on health-related claims too.


Facebook Makes Ranking Changes

Product Manager Travis Yeh wrote that the company made two ranking changes in order to tackle the issue. Facebook did this “by identifying phrases that were commonly used in these posts to predict which posts might include sensational health claims or promotion of products with health-related claims, and then showing these lower in News Feed,” he said.

Most Pages “won’t see any significant changes to their distribution in News Feed,” Mr. Yeh added. However, “Posts with sensational health claims or solicitation using health-related claims will have reduced distribution,” he warned.  He advised Pages against sharing such content.

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