Facebook Coin is Already the Butt of Jokes

Facebook coin

Facebook is rumored to launch its own cryptocurrency called Facebook Coin, and it’s already a laughingstock (via Mashable).

[That Ominous Figure in the Corner of Your Digital Living Room is Mark Zuckerberg]

Facebook Coin

Three days ago cryptography experts met at the 2019 RSA Conference to talk about the future of cryptography, the internet, and online shopping. Cryptocurrency was a topic, and Facebook drew laughs from the audience.

When you add the froth of blockchain into there, these just sort of things that seem crazy just keep amplifying. I think the latest one that I saw is one where you can take Bitcoin where you can lose your money, Facebook you can lose your privacy, and now there’s ‘Facebook Coin.’ And it’s not even a joke, it’s apparently coming.

Paul Kocher, cryptography expert

Mr. Kocher also expressed doubt at Mark Zuckerberg’s new privacy promises, and says that the company’s track record doesn’t match what it says in public.

[Facebook and Privacy, Guy Kawasaki – TMO Daily Observations 2019-03-07]

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