Apple Device Owners Can Play Facebook Games in a Web App

Facebook games icon

Facebook is bringing its cloud gaming services to Apple devices via a web app that can be added to the Home Screen (via The Verge).

Facebook Gaming

App Store rules forbid third-party app stores from Apple devices, so companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google have had to resort to web apps. Facebook games include HTML5 games as well as advanced ones that uses Facebook Pay for in-game purchases.

While Facebook ultimately found a solution for getting its cloud games on iOS, there are still big limitations imposed by Apple’s Safari browser on web games. Sound is turned off by default, games can’t send push notifications, and graphics aren’t as powerful as they can be in native apps. And then there’s the problem of discovery.

The cloud games are available in the U.S. and parts of Canada and Mexico, at least for now. The HTML5 games are available everywhere.

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