Facebook Looking to Build Clubhouse Competitor

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Facebook is looking to build a competitor to Clubhouse, The New York Times reported. Executives at the social media giant have asked employees to look into creating similar audio chat products.

Facebook And Twitter Developing Products to Compete With Clubhouse

Clubhouse allows users to broadcast and chat in ‘rooms’ to discuss various topics. It has become increasingly popular in Silicon Valley and beyond, topping the iOS App Store in various countries. Indeed, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself appeared in the app over the weekend. Commenting on speculation Facebook may be trying to develop a similar product, spokeswoman Emilie Haskell commented:

We’ve been connecting people through audio and video technologies for many years and are always exploring new ways to improve that experience for people.

Bloomberg News reported that a possible product involves Messenger Rooms. This is a video chat feature on Facebook, introduced last year in a bid to rival Zoom. At the moment, each Messenger Room is limited to 50 people, although this could be extended. Thousands can join a Clubhouse room.

And it’s not just Facebook looking to compete with Clubhouse. Twitter is also apparently working on a product, currently called Spaces.

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