Flickr Photo Deletion Delayed Until March

Flickr announced it would limit free accounts to 1,000 files and delete content over that amount starting February 5. But now the Flickr photo deletion has been delayed (via PetaPixel).

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March 12, 2019

The new date is March 12, 2019, which Flickr announced in a statement to PetaPixel:

Based on feedback from our members and complications some members experienced when downloading photos yesterday, we’ve extended our deletion eligibility deadline until March 12, 2019.

Whether our members choose to upgrade to a Pro account or to take advantage of the simple tools we provide to download their content, we hope this extension gives them the time to make the best decision on how they would like to protect and enjoy their photos.

Flickr says that accounts that are no longer used will be targeted first. For active users old content will be deleted first.

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