Russia Wants Apple Maps to Show Crimea as Russian Territory

The Russian State Duma is asking why Sevastopol, the largest city in Crimea, is displayed on Apple Maps as being part of Ukrainian territory (via Tass).

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Apple Maps & Crimea

Crimea, a Ukranian territory, was annexed by Russia in 2014. Except for six countries, Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Syria, the rest of the United Nations considers Crimea to still be part of Ukraine and have imposed sanctions against Russia as a result.

The committees on security and anti-corruption and information policy, information technology, and communications are looking into the matter. Specifically, Russia claims that Apple is violating the Russian Constitution because of this.

A couple of weeks ago there was a similar inquiry directed at Google, and it sounds like Google said it made a technical error. Translated to English:

Then, on the first day, Google did not agree with our statement, but a few days later, in a comment, confirmed that there was a technical error.

Alexander Starovoitov, LDPR Deputy

I reached out to Apple for a comment and will update this article if I receive one.

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