Did Apple Maps Forget Michigan’s Upper Peninsula?

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The upgraded Apple Maps has been slowly rolling out across the United States this year. The team recently added some western and midwestern states to the redesign, including the lower peninsula of Michigan. But I live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and don’t see the upgrade. No surprise there, because people often think the U.P. is part of Canada or Wisconsin. There’s even an entire subreddit dedicated to it. Since it looks like Wisconsin hasn’t gotten the upgrade either, I’m assuming Apple is in the latter camp.

In terms of area, this latest expansion is Apple’s largest yet……and it’s the second largest in terms of population. It also has arrived faster than almost all of the others.

Rebuilt Apple Maps Rolls Out for New York City

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Apple is rebuilding Apple Maps for the United States to add more details and accuracy, and it just rolled out for users in New York City.

Detailed Look at Apple Maps in iOS 13

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Check out this detailed look at Apple Maps in iOS 13 at MacStories. New features, a new look, and an aggressive move to make Apple Maps rival or beat Google Maps, make this a significant upgrade, and MacStories lay it all out.

Timed with the spread of its first-party mapping data, Apple is giving the Maps app a big upgrade in iOS 13 that represents the company’s biggest push yet to overtake Google Maps as the world’s most trusted, go-to mapping service. Apple Maps in iOS 13 represents – if you’re in the US at least – Apple’s purest vision to date for a modern mapping service. Here’s everything that it brings.

DuckDuckGo Apple Maps Updated for Enhanced Search

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DuckDuckGo logo

The DuckDuckGo Apple Maps integration has been updated for enhanced search, like maps re-querying, local autocomplete, and more.

With Apple, as with all other third parties we work with, we do not share any personally identifiable information such as IP address. And for local searches in particular, where your approximate location information is sent by your browser to us, we discard it immediately after use. This is in line with our strict privacy policy. You can read more about our anonymous localized results here.

I was happy to see the integration and look forward to these updates. Apple is a good partnership for DuckDuckGo.

Apple Indoor Survey App Redesigned and Improved

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Apple’s Indoor Survey app helps businesses add Apple’s Indoor Positioning in their stores. It’s been recently updated and redesigned.

Which Now? Mac Pro or iMac Pro?

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2019 Mac Pro

Now that the Mac Pro has been announced, it’s time to put it into perspective against the 2017 iMac Pro.

Apple Maps Continues to Gain Detailed Terrain Data

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Apple Maps redesign coming with iOS 12

MacRumors writes:

As part of its ongoing effort to rebuild Apple Maps, Apple has added detailed terrain features to the U.S. states Arizona and New Mexico as well as the southern portion of Nevada, including the city of Las Vegas.

Previously, Apple published more detailed map data in northern, then southern California as well as Hawaii. The effort has been ongoing since 2015.

Ready? Google Planning Ads in Maps - Think $$

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Google Maps

Bloomberg’s Gerrit De Vynck writes:

Service was mostly ad-free for years. That’s changing now.

Company looks beyond ‘utility’ navigation for new ad revenue.

He concludes:

Suddenly charging for something free — or slipping ads into formerly uncluttered services — are rare and risky steps for Google. But parent Alphabet Inc. has shareholders to please and revenue growth targets to hit. Maps is the next, big service the company is leaning on to achieve those goals.

Thank goodness for Apple Maps.