Google and Apple Maps Blur Tim Cook’s Home After Stalker Fears

Tim Cook House Google Maps

Both Apple and Google Maps have now pixelated out Tim Cook’s US$3.5 million California home, according to Mailonline. It follows the granting of a restraining order against a woman Julia Lee Choi, who the company alleges stalked its CEO, as first reported by Bay Area outlet The Mercury News. 

Google And Apple Maps Hide Tim Cook’s Home

As AppleInsider noted, Apple Maps took the action to protect Mr. Cook’s privacy last week. Google Maps has now done similar. (See picture above.)

Restraining Order to Protect Employees

The application for the restraining order was not made in Mr. Cook’s name. It was filed by Apple itself and granted on January 26, 2022, a day after it was made. It alleged that the 45-year-old woman from Virginia “made threats, harassed, and stalked Apple’s CEO and other employees.” It noted that “she has no relationship to Apple or its employees.”

The document also accused Ms. Choi of “erratic, threatening, and bizarre behavior,” and alleged she “may be armed and is still in the South Bay Area and intends to return to (Mr. Cook’s) residence or locate him otherwise in the near future.”

Tim Cook’s Alleged Stalker Said to Have Emailed to be His Roommate

The accussed is said to have emailed Mr. Cook on a number of occasions, including an application to be his roommate. Some tweets were also highlighted. In one, the accused referred to Mr. Cook as “my bed MAN! My bathroom MAN! My kitchen MAN! My Cleaning MAN! My Husband! My MAN is Tim Cook ! My kids Daddy!”

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Following the application being granted, she is no longer allowed with in 200 yards of  the CEO or any Apple employee. Other provisions including not being allowed to tag them on social media. A hearing  is set for March 29.

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