How to Find the Best Music Venues With Apple Maps

Both Apple Maps and Apple Music have features that now allow users to find both the best music venues near them and some helpful information about a user’s favorite artists. For those that like to go to a lot of shows and see all of the hottest gigs, you’ll now be able to get this information and more directly from these two Apple apps. Now, the days of missing out on that popular concert or festival are over, as users can use these two features to get all of the information they need so that FOMO will be a thing of the past. 

Apple has been increasingly adding new and better features to both Apple Maps and Apple Music. For Music, the addition of lyrics presenting themselves in real-time has given every karaoke fan a thrill, whereas relatively recent improvements to Maps includes expanding bike routes and adding more details to maps for specific countries. Keeping that in mind, I’m going to take a look at the new features available in both Apple Maps and Music, while also showing users how to get the most out of Apple Maps specifically.

Can Apple Maps Help Me Find Music Venues?

According to Apple’s official press release

Apple Music offers the ultimate listening experience for music fans around the world, distinguished in part by its global team of expert curators and lifelong music obsessives who make a point to surface the songs and albums users have to hear. Today, Apple Music expanded its curation efforts into live shows, introducing new concert discovery features on Apple Maps and Apple Music. Together, these new features celebrate the joy of live music, and give fans and artists more ways to connect. 

Essentially, both Apple Music and Apple Maps have new features that can let users receive more information not just about their favorite artists, but they can also learn more about music venues in their area. This not only helps you stay current with shows from artists you love, but can also be a great way to find out about other music venues in your area. 

For Apple Maps, there are currently 40 different Guides curated by editors of Apple Music, which help highlight “ideal venues to experience live music in the world’s leading culture hubs”. Additionally, thanks to Shazam’s concert discovery module, users can also access upcoming shows directly through Maps. The concert information arrives thanks to Bandsintown. 

For Apple Music, a brand new Set List space highlights certain major tours, which also allows users and fans to listen to setlists and get information about specific productions. Fans will also be able to browse upcoming shows for specific artists, which is a first for Apple Music. Additionally, information concerning musicians’ tours arrives Shazam in thanks to the company’s concert discovery module. 

How to Find Music Venues with Apple Maps

Time needed: 1 minute

When it comes to the new features of Apple Maps, if you want to try this experience for yourself, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Within Apple Maps, search for ‘Music Venues’. 

  2. This search will bring up a list of concert venues. Click on one of them.

  3. Within the menu for the venue, look for any blue text with an Apple Logo next to it. This is part of Apple’s new feature.

    Finding a blue link with an Apple logo next to it will help you find the new Guides.

  4. If a venue is part of a Guide, Maps will provide the Guide underneath the name of the venue. If the establishment is a part of more than one guide, you can click to see all of the guides that include the venue.

    The new Guides by Apple can really help users find their next show.

  5. You can also find everything Apple has available by visiting this link.

The new feature from Apple is also available through a web browser.

Venues can also provide you tour dates and tickets thanks to Shazam when you click on Get Tickets. Also, note that the new Guides may go by different names, but they should be rather easy to spot in thanks to the Apple logo that is next to it.

Can I Find a Music Venue With Apple Maps in My City?

Remember that at the time of launch, this feature only works for select cities. At the time of this writing, these cities include Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City, Nashville and San Francisco for North America. For Europe: Berlin, London, Paris, Vienna. Asia-Pacific: Tokyo, Melbourne and Sydney. Latina America also has Mexico City. No doubt Apple will continue to expand the number of cities as time continues forward. 

When it comes to Apple Music, you can explore the Set List space by visiting this link, or you can find it easily through the App. Additionally, check your favorite artist to see if there is a “Browse Upcoming Shows” button below their name. This will give you access to their tour information, as well as some other content. For those that love following their favorite artists, utilizing these features can ensure you stay up to date on their whereabouts, and when they’re heading to your city. 

Get in Tune

While the list of current venues and cities is rather small, no doubt this list will continue to expand as Apple continues to develop this new feature. As someone who is a rather obsessive fan of anything related to music, I can’t help but find some of these new features to be really cool. For those that find themselves going to the same venues all the time, this can be a great way to expand one’s horizons, or, at the very least, keep more up to date with the venues they already frequent. 

As a self-proclaimed music nerd, there’s few things greater than getting to see your favorite artist at a venue you love. Apple expanding these apps to provide more access to information about venues only increases your chances of never missing out on a hot gig. Of course, concerning Apple Music, users may need to know some other things, such as how to stop the app from automatically playing music in your car, or you may even need to know how to switch a playlist from Spotify to Apple Music. Whatever kind of music you’re in to, Apple Music’s massive library of over 100 million songs has you covered.

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