Electric Vehicle Routing Now Available on Apple Maps, If You Drive a Ford Mach-E

electric vehicle routing for ford mach-e

It looks like Apple has quietly rolled electric vehicle (EV) routing on Apple Maps when iOS 15.4 released on March 14. Ford has published a document detailing EV routing and how Mach-E owners can use it in their powerful cars.

What is EV Routing and How to Enable in Apple Maps

EV routing is activated through CarPlay, Apple’s in-car infotainment system that allows owners of supported vehicles to use the car’s head units as a controller or display unit for iOS devices when driving. CarPlay is supported by many automobiles, including Ford’s Mach-E vehicles.

If you’re a Ford Mach-E driver, you can activate EV routing through Apple Maps, which is available in CarPlay. You need to connect your iPhone to your Mach-E to enable CarPlay then access Apple Maps. When you set a destination, you will then be prompted to set up EV routing on your iPhone. Make sure that your iPhone is already updated to iOS 15.4 for the feature to work.

And then that’s it. You’ll be able to use EV routing for all trips that you enter on Apple Maps. The feature will also tell you when the battery of your Mach-E needs charging and display charging stops along the route.

Ford notes that battery level in Apple Maps will only update if an iPhone is connected to the Mach-E via CarPlay.

Which Vehicles Support Finding Charge Spots Through Apple Maps?

According to the Ford website, EV Routing is currently available for 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E units and 2021 units with the following SYNC software versions:

  • 21281_PRODUCT.244
  • 22028_PRODUCT.358
  • 22034_PRODUCT.364

For Ford Mach-E vehicles with other software versions, Ford said that EV routing will be available later this year. Ford also said that EV routing will also be available for its other vehicles, specifically F-150 Lightning and E-Transit cars.

Aside from Ford Mach-E vehicles, EV routing is also available for some BMW vehicles. If you drive a BMW unit, check with your auto dealer on how to enable it in your cars.

So, anybody here driving a Ford Mach-E? Electric vehicle routing in CarPlay could be a lifesaver for you and your beloved car.

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