Foldable iPhone May Not See Light of the Day

Foldable iPhone

Apple has been long rumored to be working on a foldable iPhone, and it’s been the case since the news broke about a patent over a decade ago. However, the market has evolved, and Apple isn’t just late to the Generative AI party; the company also missed the opportunity to hop on the trend of foldable phones, which began with Samsung debuting the Galaxy Fold.

Now, analysts are saying that Apple’s foldable iPhone might not hit the shelves as soon as expected, as per a report, and it will take the company at least early 2027 to release the much-anticipated line. On the other hand, another section of analysts believe that Apple might eventually kill the foldable iPhone project. It could meet the same fate as the ambitious Apple Car project.

The report from Alpha Biz added that Apple has pushed back the launch schedule for its foldable iPhone from late 2026 to Q1 2027. The delay reportedly stems from difficulties acquiring parts, particularly foldable displays that meet Apple’s quality standards. What’s more, Apple might be holding discussions with LG Display and Samsung Display for supply orders, and the company is hell-bent on the best of all qualities, which should be half that of current iPhones and with a smooth folding crease.

One major challenge Apple faces is fixing the crease that forms in the middle of the display after repeated folding, along with designing a hinge that ensures the display lies perfectly flat. To make that happen, Apple is reportedly exploring various solutions, like filling panels with polymer materials to mitigate light reflection issues, etc.

Per The Information report, the company is working on two foldable iPhone prototypes, both set to fold widthwise. Delving further into the rumors, the initial foldable iPhone may measure 6 inches when folded and 8 inches when unfolded. Another report claims that Apple could try replacing the iPad Mini with an alleged 7- to 8-inch foldable, but that seems very unlikely at the moment.

If these reports hold water, Apple appears to be grappling with quite a challenge, and the foldable iPhone seems a distant dream.


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