France Could Force Apple and Others to Disclose How Much Profit They Make There

Apple in France

Authorities in France could force Apple and other tech giants to disclose how much profit they make in the country. The move is being spearheaded by the country;s former digital affairs minister (via Bloomberg News).

Apple in France

Mounir Mahjoubi quit the French government in March. He may add an amendment to the budget forcing the disclosure from firms such as Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple.

France Might ‘Force the Companies to be Transparent’

Mr. Mahjoubi said:

I want lawmakers to have the tools to pressure the government when it is negotiating with other countries for fair taxation at a global level. It’s parliament’s role to help the government to improve their legislation. So I am keeping open the possibility of filing an amendment to force the companies to be transparent here.

France already introduced a 3% on French revenue from digital firms in July. However, Mr. Majhhoubi is concerned that without his ammendment it will only raise half the amount it is meant to.

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