This New GaN Charger has Built-In Wireless Charging

Fledging gan charger

Fledging is readying a Gallium nitride (GaN) charger that offers 130W of power in four ports: 3 USB-C and one USB-A. It also has 10W wireless charging for smartphones like the iPhone 12 line.

130W GaN Charger

The price of the charger is currently unknown, because the company is launching a pre-sale event in May. But when you sign up now you can get 20% of your purchase.

Chargers with gallium nitride chips require fewer components than silicon and so chargers with this material can be smaller but still more powerful, as much as 40% smaller than silicon chargers. The ports available on this charger are:

  • USB-A at 30W max power
  • USB-C at 100W max power
  • USB-C at 100W max power
  • USB-C at 100W max power

The charger will be available in cardinal white, midnight black, and space grey.

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