Google Facing Another Privacy Probe in Europe

Google stop tracking location

Another day, another privacy probe into Google. This time, the Irish Data Protection Commission is concerned that the tech giant’s location tracking violates EU privacy rules.

Google stop tracking location

Irish Data Protection Authority Launches More Tech Privacy Probes

Google’s European headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland. The Irish Data Protection Commission is the Lead Supervisory Authority for the company. The Commission “received a number of complaints from various Consumer Organisations across the EU,”  it said in a statement. It said they related to how Google processes location data. Furthermore, “the issues raised within the concerns relate to the legality of Google’s processing of location data and the transparency surrounding that processing,” the statement said. It continued:

The Inquiry will set out to establish whether Google has a valid legal basis for processing the location data of its users and whether it meets its obligations as a data controller with regard to transparency.

The Irish Data Protection Commission announced a similar inquiry into popular dating app Tinder. It said it related to the “ongoing processing of users’ personal data with regard to its processing activities in relation to the Tinder platform, the transparency surrounding the ongoing processing, and the company’s compliance with its obligations with regard to data subject right’s requests.”

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