Google’s Sundar Pichai Takes Privacy Swipe at Apple

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said privacy “cannot be a luxury good” in a new opinion piece. His comments, without doubt, will be seen as criticizing Apple.

Google CEO Sunder Pichai

Privacy Not a ‘Luxury Good’

Writing in the New York Times, Mr. Pichai said that Google’s “mission” is “create products that are universally accessible and useful.” In a clear swipe at Apple, the Google CEO said that “we care just as much about the experience on low-cost phones in countries starting to come online as we do about the experience on high-end phones.”

He explained that Google takes the same approach to privacy. “For us, that means privacy cannot be a luxury good offered only to people who can afford to buy premium products and services,” he wrote.

Apple has recently doubled down on showing-off its privacy credentials. At the same time, the likes of Google and Facebook were heavily criticized as for how they use user data.


2 thoughts on “Google’s Sundar Pichai Takes Privacy Swipe at Apple

  • ROTFLMAO (Rolling On The Floor Laughing My @$$ Off)

    Google makes its money selling our data. Pichai wants me to believe that they will do something to cut the gravy train? If I believe that, would you also sell me a bridge in Brooklyn?

  • Hypocrisy much?

    If Google wants to make inexpensive Android phones as secure, and protect customer data as much as Apple’s iPhone, then they should do it. But no, Google’s business model relies on collecting customer data and selling their privacy to anyone and everyone.

    So Mr. Pichai, it’s not Apple’s fault that their products protect customer data better than anything from Google. It’s Google’s fault for not doing enough. But we both know that if Google did as much as Apple, Google would go broke. Google’s product IS customer data and privacy.

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