Here’s How Much It Costs Apple to Manufacture the Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro

While Apple’s $3,499 headset isn’t for everyone, the sales numbers show that the Vision Pro is doing pretty well. The reason behind the company’s first AR/VR headset success is probably the display, which lets you see the user’s eyes through the device. This nifty feature also sets the Vision Pro apart from its competition, such as Meta Quest 3

Although the device looks fun, many curious folks are questioning the $3,499 price tag. It also makes one curious how much it costs Apple to make this shiny headset. While Apple is tight-lipped about the manufacturing cost of the Vision Pro, a report from folks over at Omdia gives us an estimated price.  

It Costs Apple Less Than Half To Make the $3,499 Vision Pro

Surprisingly, the Vision Pro manufacturing cost is more expensive than expected, around $1,500 to be precise. According to the report, a significant portion of this estimated cost is due to the headset’s premium bill of materials. 

The two 1.25-inch micro-OLED displays—one for each eye—installed inside the headset are reportedly the most costly part. According to Omdia, Apple spends $228 on each display or $456 on a headset.

The M2 and R1 chips are the second most expensive parts. They came at Apple’s expense of $240 altogether. When taking all the components used in Vision Pro into consideration, the estimated price of making the device costs Apple a total of about $1,542.

This amount solely accounts for the manufacturing of each headset; it excludes any additional expenses Apple might have for marketing the device to the general public or recovering R&D expenditures.

Ironically, the bill of materials, at over $1,500, is also more than the selling price of several headsets on the market today, such as the Meta Quest Pro, which retails for $999 or $1,499 upon launch.


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