iPhone 16 Pro Could Get 5x Optical Zoom Like the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 16 Pro

While we are months away from the launch of the iPhone 16 series, rumors about what we can expect from the devices are already making headlines. Now, a report from TrendForce surfaced online suggests that Apple plans to bring the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s tetraprism lens with up to 5x optical zoom to both the iPhone 16 Pro models. 

The tetraprism camera system of the iPhone 15 Pro Max offers up to 25x digital zoom and up to 5x optical zoom. In contrast, the smaller iPhone 15 Pro is still only capable of an optical zoom of up to 3x, just like the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max before that.

Now, it seems like the smaller iPhone Pro model will get an ungraded sensor, on par with its elder sibling, with up to 5x optical zoom ability. In a press release, TrendForce mentioned this upgrade alongside a detailed analysis of the overall smartphone camera lens market. 

“Following the successful launch of the iPhone 15 Pro Max with its exclusive Tetraprism telephoto zoom lens, the industry is expected to see an increase in the adoption of periscopic lens modules. Apple plans to bring this advanced hardware upgrade to the iPhone 16 Pro, making it accessible to more users in the Pro series.”

We haven’t heard anything about the iPhone 16 series from Apple yet, but that doesn’t stop tipsters from leaking details about the upcoming iPhone lineup every now and then. Previous leaks suggest that there will be a DSLR-like touch-sensitive action button for the Pro models to improve photography. 

Moreover, Apple is targeting the best-ever battery life for the iPhone 16 Pro. Besides this, the entire iPhone 16 family is likely getting a significant battery boost as well as a new neural engine for better performance. 


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