iPhone 16 Series Leak Points At Significant Battery Gains

iPhone 16 battery leak

While the iPhones have always been known for their video capture quality and performance, they are not the best smartphones when it comes to battery life. Thankfully, Apple has been improving the battery life of its iPhones with every iterative update, making them last at least one day or more. 

Now, a new leak suggests the iPhone 16 series could offer significantly better battery life compared to previous generation models. Leaker Majin Bu claims that the iPhone 16 family will boost bigger batteries than the iPhone 15 lineup. 

iPhone 16 Battery Capacity Tipped

The leaker details the battery capacity of three iPhone 16 family members: the iPhone 16 Pro Max, iPhone 16, and the iPhone 16 Plus, with rudimentary mockups. However, from a quick glance at these mockups, the first thing you will notice is the change in the shape of the battery of the iPhone 16 Pro Max. 

It seems that Apple will ship the top-of-the-line model with a rectangle-shaped battery rather than the L-shaped battery we saw with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The leaker suggests that this shift in battery design is to accommodate the revised internal design of the iPhone 16 Pro. 

Moreover, the leaks suggest the iPhone 16 will pack a 3561mAh battery, an increase from iPhone 15’s 3349mAh capacity. And the flagship iPhone 16 Pro Max is climbing to 4676mAh compared to the 4422mAh battery of the previous-gen model. 

However, the leaker mentions that the iPhone 16 Plus is purportedly losing 377mAh than the current Plus model. The iPhone 16 Plus could draw power from a 4006mAh battery, a downgrade from the 4383mAh capacity housed on the iPhone 15 Plus. 

The news of the reduced battery capacity of the iPhone 16 Plus is interesting, considering that the current Plus model and the one before that offer the most battery life among their family members.  

Besides this, we don’t have any details about the battery capacity of the iPhone 16 Pro model, so it could either increase or decrease compared to the current Pro variant. Since most early rumors aren’t always completely accurate, we suggest you take this news with a pinch of salt. 


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