iPhone 16 Could Take a Page From DSLR’s Playbook

iPhone 16 Capture Button

Apple has been religiously improving the camera of the iPhones with every generation and iterative software updates. With the iPhone 15 Pro models, the company added more megapixel counts, zoom lenses, and more pro software features, thinning the line between expensive cameras and iPhones. 

Now, it seems like Apple is planning to take a page from DSLR’s playbook by bringing one of the finest camera features. Rumor has it that Apple will introduce a Capture Button with iPhone 16, acting as a physical camera button. It allows a two-step capture process: a light press initiates focus, and a hard press captures a picture. 

iPhone 16 Could Get DSLR-like Focus Feature

According to a Weibo post from Instant Digital, the Caputre Button will also allow you to launch the camera app by simply tapping the button, ready to take a video or picture. This suggests that Apple wants its iPhones to be the most practical for users who like to take pictures on their phones.

The iPhone camera app currently has focus controls that you can use by tapping the screen to choose a subject to concentrate on or tapping and holding to lock the focus level. However, accessing that feature through a side button would make it simpler to adjust your shot without repositioning the grip on your phone and perhaps miss the ideal moment.

Some early prototypes of the iPhone 16 suggest that Apple could place the Capture Button on the button on the right side of the device. Moreover, some reports suggest that it will replace the mmWave antenna on iPhone models made in the United States, which will be moved to the left side of the device, beneath the volume and Action buttons. On the other hand, the non-US versions do not have an mmWave antenna.

Note that Instant Digital doesn’t have a reliable track record for revealing accurate information about Apple’s plans. We’ll have to wait and see how this news pans out. 


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