visionOS 1.1 Beta Lets You Reset Vision Pro Without Visiting an Apple Store

Apple Vision Pro

After getting a lot of complaints from Apple Vision Pro users that they cannot reset the headset’s passcode, the company is working hard to resolve the issue. Apple’s efforts to solve the Passcode issue are visible in the latest beta release for the Vision Pro. 

Currently, if you lock yourself out of the Vision Pro by putting in the wrong passcode too many times, your only solution to fix this issue is to visit the nearest Apple Store to get it reset if you wish to use it again. However, a new code in the visionOS 1.1 beta release suggests that you don’t need to go to a store just to get the headset wiped. If you install the latest beta on your Vision Pro, you can easily reset the passcode.  

To install the beta patch on your Vision Pro, go to Settings > General > Software Update. However, before you download and install it on your device, note that it’s a beta release, which usually comes with its own risks, and the software experience won’t be as stable as before. 

After installing the beta release on your headset, if you enter the wrong passcode multiple times and lock yourself out of the device, it will give you the option to reset it. You should see the following message: “This Apple Vision Pro is in security lockout. You can wait and try your passcode again, or you can erase and reset this Apple Vision Pro now.”

visionOS 1.1 Beta: What’s New for Your Vision Pro?

Besides the ability to reset the passcode, the visionOS 1.1 beta release brings two major features. The first one is support for Mobile Device Management (MDM), which allows you to set up the device for business environments by setting up certain profiles and settings remotely. 

The other feature lets you bring 3D objects much closer to you than before. Apple says that this feature will let you reposition volumetric scenes much closer than before, letting you easily direct interaction with the volumetric scene content.


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