Forgot Your Apple Vision Pro Passcode? You’ll Have to Visit Apple Store to Fix It

Apple Vision Pro

Update: Apple has now released visionOS 1.1 beta that lets you reset your Vision Pro’s passcode without visiting an Apple store.

Apple Vision Pro has been making headlines for a while now. We have seen it go through teardown, durability, and even people using it while driving a Tesla. And now, Apple’s $3,499 mixed-reality headset is making rounds on the internet. This time, it’s because of a security issue.

Some Apple Vision Pro users are complaining that they cannot reset the headset’s passcode – a series of digits. Apple is telling users who forgot their passcode to return it to the store or mail it to AppleCare support. The company will then reset the device and return it to the owner.

This passcode problem can be particularly frustrating. When you enter an incorrect passcode too many times, the headset will be automatically disabled. The headset will restart after a waiting period, and if you still can’t recall and enter the correct passcode, you’ll have to return it and get it reset to use it again.

When you reset the device, all the data and apps installed on the headset will be automatically erased. Besides the Passcode issue, some users have also been compliant about errors that occur while setting up Optics ID – an eye-scanning feature that lets you log into the device – of their headset.

It’s surprising to see an authentication issue with an Apple device in the first place, as such an authentication issue doesn’t exist with any other Apple products. For instance, you can easily reset the passcode of your iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch if you forgot it. It’s also strange that the company doesn’t allow you to reset your $3,500 directly; instead, you must return it to the store.

It’s likely that Apple will soon release a software update that will make it easy to reset the passcode without sending the device back to the Apple store.


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