Video of Tesla Driver Arrested for Using Apple Vision Pro is Staged

Man using Apple Vision Pro while driving

Apple Vision Pro recently hit the stores, and enthusiasts are using it on the subway, sidewalk, and even at restaurants. In this Vision Pro Wild West, a new video surfaced online shows a Tesla driver wearing Apple’s $3,499 AR/VR headset while driving the car in self-driving mode. 

In Apple Vision Pro’s support and user manual, the company warns its users that they shouldn’t use the head site while driving despite its passthrough transparency mode. 

“Never use Apple Vision Pro while operating a moving vehicle, bicycle, heavy machinery, or in any other situations requiring attention to safety.”

In a 25-second video posted on X, we can see 21-year-old Dante Lentini in a Tesla, scrolling and typing with the Apple mixed-reality headset while behind the wheel. The video shows that Lentini’s hands are not on the wheel, meaning that the Tesla is in self-driving mode in multi-lane traffic. 

At the end of the video, we can see cops stoping Lentini. In the video’s comment section, Lentini confirms that the person behind the wheel is indeed him and that cops actually arrested him. 

People in the comment section accuse Lentini of staging the video for clicks and views, to which he responded: “my bad, had a meeting.”

However, when contended by folks over at Gizmodo, Lentini confirms that it was a skit he made with this friend, and he wasn’t arrested. Moreover, he says he only drove the Tesla with a headset for around 40 seconds. 

This isn’t the only wild Vision Pro usage video we have seen since the device’s launch. In another inadvisable use case, a video recently surfaced online shows a person climbing a stair-stepper at the gym while wearing the headset. Another video shows a person crossing the street while enjoying the Vision Pro headset in full glory. 


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