Apple Vision Pro Users Report a Bizarre Grey Box Issue

Apple Vision Pro UI

The Vision Pro is currently the hottest tech product in Apple’s ecosystem. Excited folks are queuing up at stores all over the world to try Apple’s first mixed-reality headsets and purchase them. Those who pre-ordered the Vision Pro have already gotten their hands on the device and started using it on the subway, while driving, and at restaurants. 

Now, as with every first-generation device, users are facing bugs and glitches with the Vision Pro. While Apple recently released a security patch to fix some known issues, Vision Pro owners are reporting grey box bugs on Reddit. 

A Reddit user, Zacitus, shared screenshots of ominous grey boxes appearing in the UI of their Vision Pro. In the screenshots, we can see that there are no apps running in the background, yet the UI has grey app windows, making it hard to see and access other apps. Moreover, the user also mentioned that force closing all the apps didn’t solve the issue. 

Many users chimed in and reported that they are facing the same issue, specifically with 1Password. Some users mentioned that they witnessed this issue with the 1Passoword app, while some noticed it while using the 1Password Safari extension. However, the issue isn’t limited to 1Password. A Redditor, username wabright, claims they ran into this issue with the Apple TV+. 

While there isn’t any fix for this issue, users are reporting that only restarting the headset made those grey boxes go away. We still don’t know what is triggering this issue or if Apple is aware of it. We can only hope for a fix for this bug with the next update.

Have you noticed this bug or any other issue with your Apple Vision Pro? Let us know in the comments section. 


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