Report: Apple targeting best-ever battery life for iPhone 16 Pro

iPhone 16 battery leak

Battery life has long been an iPhone selling point, but that hasn’t stopped Apple from working to improve on the formula every year. Recent reports have pointed to the iPhone 16 Pro’s increased size and the upgraded internals it can accommodate because of the jump from 6.1 to 6.3 inches, including the battery life of the next-generation iPhone.

The most recent report came from Korean site Naver, where user yeux1122 posted about the iPhone 16 Pro’s changes. They claim that the new phone will have larger bezels than the Samsung Galaxy S24 and that the increased size will be hard to notice against earlier iPhones.

Though the size increase will feel subtle in the hand, it will give Apple the opportunity to ramp up the internal specs. A larger battery pack could give the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max longer battery life that may exceed 30 hours for the first time. That said, an earlier report only noted a five percent increase in battery capacity, but Apple typically employs software tricks to extend battery life beyond what the written specs suggest.

The report also notes that Apple could improve the phone’s optical zoom capabilities because of the larger frame size. That could mean a tetraprism 5X telephoto camera system seen in 2023’s iPhone 15 Pro Max. Other rumors have pointed to up to 8GB of RAM and a streamlined titanium case design that is easier and cheaper to manufacture than the current devices.

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