Reddit Deciphered Harry Potter Wizards Unite Letter

Redditors have deciphered the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite letter, bits and pieces of which appeared in the official trailers.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Letter

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an augmented reality game coming to iOS in the future. Mysterious pieces of text appeared in the official game trailers. After over three hours of translating and combining them, the letter has been deciphered.

image of harry potter wizards unite letter

Dear Kinglsey Shacklebolt,

CONFIDENTIAL: Please reply without delay

Since the incident last night, we have been inundated with owls from Ministries across the globe asking what on earth has happened and who is responsible for this Calamity we now find ourselves in. We must prepare our official response to update the wizarding community as soon as possible.

So you can see the extent of the concern, please see the following owl messages, quoted verbatim.

French MoM: “Without wanting to propagate baseless conspiracy theories, we wonder if there is a link with the London Five. Have there been any recent developments in the investigation?”

Spanish MoM: Are the rumors true that the man responsible was married to one of the London 5?

Japanese MoM: “Unless you used ancient magic or you’re a wind or spirit of some kind, there’s no way you can view our prohibitions. This isn’t our fault.”

Chinese MoM: “We congratulate this unspeakable person for their quick mind that also performed a counter curse. May we bring up to you guys the detailed information we provided him, so we can send an owl…”

Italian MoM: “They are already reporting that the counter spell is very unstable. It seems that the things implemented to control the incident are not sufficient in the long term.”

All this communication is highly sensitive, please please destroy post haste, accordingly.

Yours Sincerely,

Mathilda Grimblehawk

They also made a breakdown video on YouTube, which you can see below:

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