The promise of a wireless future sure seems to include a lot of cords, especially if you’re adding smarthome devices to your network. Getting your lights to respond to “Hey, Siri” doesn’t, however, have to include adding yet another controller bridge to your network. Check out The Mac Observer’s list of some HomeKit-compatible smart lights that don’t require a bridge to do their magic.

HomeKit smart light bulbs

Not all HomeKit smart light bulbs require a bridge

All of the bulbs we checked offer 16 million colors, are dimmable and connect to your network via Wi-Fi without the need for a bridge. You can control them from the manufacturer’s own app, or through your favorite HomeKit app. Their HomeKit support means you can control them remotely, too, if you have a fourth generation or newer Apple TV on your network.

  • LIFX $53.99 – Also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • LIFX + $71.99 – Indoor and outdoor safe, also produces 950nm infrared light for better security camera night vision, also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Sylvania Smart+ $38.24 – HomeKit only
  • iLuv Rainbow8 $29.99 – Limited availability on Amazon and sold out on iLuv website hints that a new model may be coming soon
  • Koogeek $39.99 – HomeKit only
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Bryan Chaffin

Just what I wanted, Jeff. Thanks. 😀