Noon Home Brings Complex Light Control to Your Home with Smart Switch

Noon Home Smart Lighting System

Noon Home thinks smart lighting in our homes belongs in the switches and not the bulbs so they announced their Noon Smart Lighting System on Thursday.

The Noon Smart Lighting System includes a Room Director switch—a master controller—and Extension Switches for turning lights on and off from secondary wall switch locations. What sets Noon Home apart from other smart switches is its ability to learn what types of lights you’re using and build tailored layered lighting scenes from them.

The setup isn’t HomeKit compatible, and Noon Home says Amazon Alexa voice control is coming soon. A starter kit with a Room Director, two Extension Switches, and three wall plates costs US$399.99. Individual Room Directors are priced at $199.99, and Extension Switches cost $99.99 each.

The Noon Smart Lighting System is targeting home users looking for more than just basic on/off and dimmer controls for their lights and their pricing reflects that. You can pick up the starter kit now at Best Buy stores, and they’ll be available in Home Depot stores on November 15th.

One thought on “Noon Home Brings Complex Light Control to Your Home with Smart Switch

  • This is a more sensible approach than expensive bulbs, but it’s still too bloody expensive.

    I’m still using X10 lamp modules and switches from the 1990s, which are 25% of the cost of this “solution.” Can’t use my cellphone or other device with them, but I don’t have privacy concerns about them either.

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